Welcome to Hongkers

We left Melbourne at 10:50 on Sunday night and flew for 9 hours to Hong Kong, arriving at 5:50 am local time. After successfully negotiating our way out of the airport we cought a double decker bus into Kowloon. We managed to get ourselves front seats on the top level so we had a fantastic view of the trip.
Hong Kong has so many identical skyscrapers it's a wonder people remember where they live. Compounding this apparent problem is the intense pollution that sits over the city; perma-fog which blinds when the sun is up and hides the incredible landscape from an observer of any considerable distance. Despite this, Hong Kong has some amazing transport infrastructure - the highways look like they are straight out of The Jetsons and the number of giant concrete bridges, off-ramps and pedestrian walkways is incredible.

We arrived in Tsim Sha Tsui - the heart of tourist Hong Kong - at 6:30 in the morning and had a small problem checking in to our hostel. It seemed that we couldn't check in until noon, and that the only staff member around wasn't fond of wearing pants... Slightly put out, we wandered the eerily empty streets looking for some kind of nourishment. After a minor personal incident involving the ordering of a salad sandwich at Starbucks, we checked in later that morning, ready to take in the (pollution-riddled) sights and breathe the heavy air of Hong Kong.


Dave Chamberlain said...

Hey guys. Glad your trip is going ok at the moment. Finding recognisable food in Hong Kong can be like trying to find a back yard in Hong Kong! Comprehension seems to be a hit-and-miss affair as well.
BTW - Bron and I had another girl on Friday (4/5/07). Her name is Beth and she was 9Ib 3oz (4.18 Kg). We're all well. If you get time, you can see her at:
Cheers Dave.

Velle said...

I hear ya about the pollution in Hong Kong. Hope it didn't spoil your photo's from Victoria Peak.