Pad Thai in Chiang Mai

After crossing the Mekong and entering Thailand for our second time, we caught a few local buses to the heart of north Thailand, Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is a bustling city of 1.5 million people, literally hundreds of temples and a healthy tourism scene. The ancient walls are still standing in a couple of places, and the massive moat has been tastefully renovated with lawns and trees surrounding the waterway. Marty was delighted to find by far the best book stores we have seen on our travels!

After dark, the whole town seems to converge on the street which holds the night market. This gigantic market extends for about 500 metres, and it spills out into alleys and roads that cross the main street of the market. It is easily the largest market we've ever seen, with thousands of stalls, small and large eateries, large upmarket stores and massage parlours.

Chiang Mai is home to a great number of Thai cooking schools, so Georgia decided to use the opportunity to learn a bit more about the tasty local food. She spent a day learning how to make Pad Thai and curries, and how to cook with an impressively huge flame! The results were mostly very tasty, except for the attempted Mussaman Curry.

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