Turning 26 in China

We had been in Yangshuo for about a week when the 8th of May - Georgia's birthday - rolled around. We decided to rent a couple of bicycles and pedal our way out to Moon Hill, one of the main tourist drawcards in the region.

The road to Moon Hill was lined with beautiful green fields and stunning peaks, but by now this was becoming quite normal to us. We reached Moon Hill and were immediately accosted by women demanding that we buy cold bottles of water from them. They followed us around, fanned us (which was nice as it was a hot day and we had just rode a fair distance), and used their broken English as best they could to convince us to buy their water. Many of these women are quite elderly and impressively they climb the steep hill several times each day during the summer tourist season. The higher they climb, the higher their prices!

Moon Hill is named after the half-moon shape hole towards the top of the hill. It is a very impressive sight from below, and we couldn't resist climbing up to get a closer view. After a ridiculously long and steep climb we reached the crescent gap in the hill. Up close it is even more impressive as it is large enough to drive a truck through.

From here we took the lesser known path to the apex of the hill. This was a difficult climb in some spots but the chance to sit alone at the top of the hill was excellent compensation for the effort. The views from here were absolutely breathtaking, and our pictures cannot convey the feeling of being completely surrounded by this kind of scenery.

In the evening we joined the school's English Corner which turned out to be a suprise birthday party complete with a delicious cake, party food and drinks. Some of the students even gave Georgia presents which was really lovely. After all the food had been eaten we played 'educational' party games like wink murder and chinese whispers. The night was heaps of fun and a great way to celebrate turning 26.

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Stephen said...

Happy Birthday Georgia! It's posts like this that make me insanely jealous of you guys. The photos of the scenery are breathtaking - I can only imagine how amazing it was being there.