Bangkok (again)

After our night bus from Chiang Mai, we awoke to find ourselves back at the tourist hot spot of Khao San in Bangkok. This time, Marty's toe had healed so we were able to tour around much more easily.

The Royal Palace and Temple in Bangkok is one of the more impressive architectural sights we had seen for some time, comparable with the Golden Temple in Amritsar. This complex has dozens of magnificently decorated religious buildings, large in scale and grandeur. There is a miniature scale model of Angkor Wat with incredible detail and accuracy, just the right size for some cats to have taken up residence! There are also many royal buildings, where the royal family used to reside and where the king still performs official ceremonies.

We then visited a wat with many impressive buildings and Buddha sculptures, with one of particular interest. This is a reclining Buddha, of incredible proportions. It is about 60 metres long, and lives inside a large building, which is only just big enough to contain the sculpture.

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