Escape from India

As we had heard from many other travelers, we found Delhi very in-your-face, dusty, busy, noisy, dirty, crowded, and full of life. Foreigners are targeted and hassled ruthlessly by beggars, touts, thieves, rickshaw drivers, shop keepers, children... everyone! We felt like we were walking around with flashing "ATM" signs over our heads. A few women with babies almost managed to get Georgia's purse out of her bag before she realised what was happening.

On our arrival we were greeted by rickshaw drivers who flat-out lied to us about the possibility of catching the metro (why would a city of 15 million people have trains running before 7:20 on a weekday?) We gave him the finger, and found the metro, which was very cheap, clean, convenient (and definitely running).

Tired from our overnight bus ride, and the thought of our very early flight, we didn't do much sightseeing in Delhi and didn't even take any photos. We did do some shopping in a couple of markets and wandered around the old city for a couple of hours, which quickly became tiring.

The next day we went to the airport at 5 in the morning, and checked in for our flight to Bangkok via Singapore, keen to dive into South-East Asia.

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