Running into a Pole in Beijing

On our final day in China, we were very fortunate to be able to meet up with Blazej (a.k.a. Frank) who we taught with at Owen Language College. He was travelling north to get the Trans-Siberian train through Russia to his native Poland.

We spent the day taking in the sights of the Temple of Heaven. This is where the emporer would go each year to pray for a good harvest. Whenever this happened, however, the whole city would be in a standstill since it was required by law for commoners to remain at home with their windows shut so that they could not get a glimpse at the emporer.

The temple includes some amazing architecture. The most impressive building is built entirely from interlocking wood pieces (no nails)! There is also a circular stone altar where the emporer would make the prayer, a fasting palace where he would fast for days beforehand, an echo chamber, and many other buildings essential to the whole process.

Frank and Marty had a little too much fun with taking pictures using perspective for dubiously comical results.

We said goodbye to Frank and to China and went to the airport, ready for our flight over the mountains to Kathmandu.

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